President welcome speech

Our association does not heed race, religion, or nationality. It only heeds innocence and sees a glimpse of hope in the smile of a child battling with cancer. They have the right to live…which is why we are here…why the volunteers are here…why you are here…and why we are gathered today to turn their life into a spring that brims with hope.

In the year 2011, we were able to treat around 100 kids suffering from cancer with the cost reaching USD 50,000 for the treatment of each child. As you can see, the cost is very high; however, we should not stand still in the face of this malignant disease. On the contrary, we should get moving and march head-on to overcome any obstacle that may stand in the way of our children’s healing process. Each time we contribute to their healing, we contribute to molding the future generation of our country Lebanon.

Today, we are honored and proud of every individual who is contributing to our association’s continuity, each according to his/her abilities. Without you, the dream that was born in 2005 would not have become a reality.

Ladies and gentlemen,
Here are our kids who are on the path to healing and they are playing and laughing…They sleep every night with the anticipation of a long-awaited tomorrow…where there is learning and a bright future…a tomorrow where all their dreams will come true.

Here are our sick kids calling for your support…We count on your helping hand to put a smile on their face and save their future for they are first and foremost Kids’ First!

Thank you,
Me. Paul Emile Noun
Kids First President

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